Donald Trump wins RiverDogs Bobblection

Donald Trump wins RiverDogs Bobblection
President Trump defeated Joe Biden in the RiverDogs Bobblection the team announced on Tuesday (Source: Charleston RiverDogs)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - President Donald Trump may be trailing in the national polls for re-election but he is the overwhelming winner of the 2020 Bobblection held by the Charleston RiverDogs the team announced today.

The ball club, who holds this event every election year, said the President’s bobblehead was chosen by 68% of the participants compared to 32% who chose former Vice President Joe Biden.

“The Lowcountry picked Trump again,” General Manager Dave Echols said in a statement. “We’d be happy to invite (President Trump) out to the ballpark to toss a first pitch next season to recognize such a great victory.”

Normally, the bobbleheads are given away at the front gate during a game night at Joe Riley Park. This year, since there was no season due to COVID-19, the ball club changed the format to a nationwide election allowing fans to purchase one of the two bobbleheads from the website for $30 each.

“It’s always great when the fans can have fun with us,” said Echols. “Politics are so often a hot topic, but it’s nice that so many people ‘get it’ and were able to have fun with it this year especially.”

This was the 6th Bobblection held by the RiverDogs and the candidate that had the most bobbleheads selected has gone on to win the general election 4 out of 5 times.

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