Battery sea wall reconstruction nears completion

VIDEO: Battery sea wall reconstruction nears completion

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The City of Charleston says phase one of construction along the battery is almost complete.

City of Charleston Director of Stormwater Management Matthew Fountain says everything is on track for this phase of the sea wall reconstruction project and heavy machinery will be rolling out of this area in the next couple months.

As residents wonder when they will be able to walk along the lower Battery again, Fountain says crews have finished installing all the structural components of the new wall, and they’ve installed the promenade walkway on top of the wall.

Crews are working on the sidewalk between the wall and the street, but Fountain says this new wall will have a clean, blue look to replace the old one which was rusty and deteriorating.

Fountain says the new wall will also have attachments built onto the railings to make it easier to raise the wall if, and when, they need to.

The main difference residents will notice is the wall will be about three feet higher in some parts, yet Fountain says the walk along the Battery will be that much better because of this project.

“It’s an important part of the fabric of the history of Charleston, but also to protect against Charleston’s future to say we need to account for sea level rise, we need to account for these intensifying storms and climate change, by building this in a way that protects the city moving forward," Fountain said.

The section of sea wall crews are working on is about 1000 feet, and the city says they plan to re-construct a total of 5000 feet in the coming years.

Fountains says they will be moving to the next thousand feet of wall by early next year.

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