Parent Survival Guide: Christmas spending during the Pandemic

Updated: Nov. 9, 2020 at 3:56 PM EST
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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - It’s safe to say this holiday season is expected to look very different especially when it comes to holiday spending during the pandemic.

A recent survey from Mobile Bank One finds that 64 percent of people are dealing with more stress when it comes to Christmas spending this year.

Financial coach Dorothea Bernique is with Increasing Hope Financial Training Center.

She says in spite of COVID-19 having an impact on finances with a few adjustments and realizing what you realistically have to spend your holiday can still be merry and bright.

“Make a budget that’s always the first item on our list make a budget for what you have to spend and stay within those boundaries for yourself. Be determined not to take those purchases to the new year with you with interest and credit cards,” Bernique said.

Bernique said this year is all about getting creative with some of your gift giving either making edible gifts or crafts.

“I love doing this personalization so my sister looks forward to getting that gift she and her family that can be displayed in her home with their name. Sometimes it’s easy to throw money at things if I just go out and get a gift card or whatever. Now lets take more time to be creative and thoughtful and realize now we might not have the money to throw at something,” Bernique said.

She says make sure you know what the people on your list really like, need or want to keep from wasting both time and money.

“Lets see it as an opportunity lets look on the bright side of the glass is half full not empty and I’m going to be more creative with gift giving ideas and it’s not going to cost that much money and we can still have an awesome Christmas time,” Bernique said. She says also keep in mind not to wait until the last minute to ship Christmas gifts especially this year.

More shipping delays might occur this year because of the pandemic.

Also, order those online items well ahead of time so you know that they will arrive in plenty time.

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