More than 5,000 Charleston Co. students head back to in-person learning

VIDEO: More than 5,000 Charleston Co. students head back to in-person learning

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The Charleston County School District says more than 5,000 Charleston County students will be heading back to school in-person and many of them will now need to transition to different classrooms to accommodate the changes in class sizes.

CCSD Associate Superintendent Michelle Simmons says about 1100 students who are still choosing to learn online will still see changes in their classrooms, and possibly their teachers, during this shift Wednesday.

This is because some virtual learning classrooms are being combined with others, in what the district calls temporary remote clusters.

Simmons says the online learning classrooms that have fewer students are being combined with others that also have fewer students because of the thousands heading back to school in-person Wednesday.

CCSD Chief Academic Officer Karolyn Belcher says the district has trained teachers on how to keep the learning consistent in this transition.

Belcher says the current teachers are passing over report cards and discussing the work of the students with the teachers who will be teaching them starting this morning. She says this transition will be similar to students who move classes at the end of the year or the end of the quarter.

The temporary remote clusters are spread out throughout the district including Mount Pleasant, Johns Island and West Ashley, officials say.

Since 3,500 of the students heading back to school in-person Wednesday are Elementary School students, this means that about 70% of CCSD students are now learning inside the classroom.

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