Decades old Christmas tree farm will shut doors after holiday season

VIDEO: Decades old Christmas tree farm will shut doors after holiday season

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - A Christmas tree farm that has been around for decades is closing its gates this holiday season. The Toogoodoo Christmas Tree Farm has been owned and operated by the Walters family for almost twenty years.

Greg Walters, one of the owners, says they considered closing the farm last year but decided to make this year the official goodbye.

While they have had many good memories, there have also been tough times.

“In 2015 we had the hundred-year flood and we’re still recovering from that because it takes six to seven years to make these Christmas trees,” Walters said. " These fields drain really well but they could not drain during that flood, so a lot of these trees drowned.”

He says they are officially closing because his children are growing up and the business is not viable anymore.

This year things look the same at the farm except for a few attractions and less trees. The farm was not able to get Frasier Fir trees, due to a shortage of supply.

Walters said they have never kept the farm open because of money, and instead have focused on creating great memories.

In the future, they hope to convert their farm to a new crop and serve customers differently.

“We’re going to plant something. We just have to figure out what,” Walters said. “It could be truffles, it could be pole-timber, we would like to plant some sunflowers, and there’s all kind of things. We are not getting rid of the property.”

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