Shem Creek to see new bike lanes

VIDEO: Shem Creek to see new bike lanes

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - The Town of Mount Pleasant says they are working to improve bike and pedestrian safety with a plan to add bike lanes to the Shem Creek Bridge area.

Plans show the project will add four to five-foot marked bike lanes on both sides of Coleman Boulevard going across the Shem Creek Bridge.

The bike lanes will connect to already existing bike lanes at Pelzer Drive and Mill Street, and plans show the new lanes will run more than 1.5 miles along Coleman Boulevard from Houston Northcutt Boulevard to Pherigo Street.

Project Manager James Aton says the project is proposing the removal of the existing median segments on the bridge. He says lanes will be restriped and lane widths will be reduced to 11 feet.

The project plans also include minor widening of the existing curb and gutter to provide enough room for the four to five-foot bike lanes in both directions. They say the sidewalk will remain the same five foot width except for the segments leading up to the new Shem Creek Pedestrian Bridge where it will be six feet.

“It is important to install bike lanes over the Shem Creek Bridge to complete a critical gap in bicycle infrastructure along Coleman Blvd,” Aton said. “The pursuit of this project was a result of the need for clear, coherent and consistent bicycle facilities along Coleman Blvd which is part of both the East Coast Greenway and Battery 2 Beach (B2B) routes.”

Preliminary plans have been submitted to the South Carolina Department of Transportation and are under review.

The entire project is estimated to cost $891,000 and plans show the town of Mount Pleasant will fund $258,000, leaving the remaining $633,000 for federal funding.

Aton says he anticipates designs will be complete in April and construction can start in June. If those plans stay on course, Alton says construction is expected to finish up in October of 2021.

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