New track improvements coming to Mount Pleasant Town Hall

VIDEO: New track improvements coming to Mount Pleasant Town Hall

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - New improvements are coming to the track at Mount Pleasant Town Hall.

The Town of Mount Pleasant Recreation Director Steve Gergick says the town has partnered with the College of Charleston to bring a new track around the field at Town Hall.

Gergick says this will allow the College of Charleston Track Team to hold daily practices. When the team isn’t using it, he say the track will be free and open to the public for exercise and general recreational use.

College of Charleston Head Track Coach Amy Seago says the college has never had a home track and field facility. She says they’ve had to use local high school’s and Charleston Southern facilities.

“We’ve waited years and years to have something that is more convenient for us and we’re extremely excited and to have it be so close to Patriots Point which is where the rest of our home of the athletic department is, is certainly an added bonus,” Seago said. “And this will help make our daily life much easier that’s for sure.”

Seago says the team is planning to have daily practices at the Mount Pleasant Town Hall track. She says the new track is planning to have a polyurethane surface.

There’s an asphalt track around the field behind the Town Hall Gym, but Seago says they wanted the track surface to be best for athletes. Instead of asphalt, she says the school offered to cover the upgraded surface funds.

While the team is excited about the new facility, Seago says the track still won’t be big enough to host meets. For now, she says the college plans to put in a pole vaulting pit, but will still have to use another facility for official home meets. Seago wanted to reiterate that the new track helps with the team’s daily needs tremendously.

Gergick says this improvement project also includes new ADA accessible bleachers for spectators to sit and a new fence around the track and field. Plans also include a small shelter area with picnic tables for gatherings and a new scoreboard at the field.

There will also be low level lighting around the track that Gergick says provides visibility for walkers and runners without lighting the whole complex or disturbing nearby residences.

Mount Pleasant’s Design Review Board is still reviewing final designs for the new track. That will be up for final reading in January.

If approved, project leaders say they hope to start construction this April and have it done in time for the Spring 2022 track season.

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