SC to evaluate DD2 students following multiple pathway learning

VIDEO: SC to evaluate DD2 students following multiple pathway learning

DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - Dorchester School District Two says their students are taking a state mandated test to evaluate their learning in a year when instruction models have drastically changed.

DD2 officials say nearly 20,000 students, from kindergarten through 9th grade, are required to take this test.

Although this is the first year this test is required by the state, school officials say this is a test the district has given students for years.

DD2 Director of Elementary Schools Lori Estep says the test will serve as a good representation of how the virtual and hybrid learning is going so far.

From Dec. 4th to Dec. 17, DD2 says all students, including those enrolled in the virtual academy, are scheduled to come in for one or two days of testing.

In order to do this, the district says they have scheduled the testing in smaller groups on alternating days.

Since many classrooms are completely empty, Estep says there is plenty of room to allow for social distancing without impacting the hybrid learning students’ schedule.

Estep says the test is a reading and math inventory assessment, similar to one students took at the beginning of the year.

Tests results come back immediately and Estep says the assessment will show how much progress and growth the students have made with the changes in their instruction models. So far, she says principals have been impressed by results.

If there are significant concerns once all results are in, Estep says intervention programs in place for both the virtual and hybrid models where students will receive additional help in a smaller groups.

“We’re really anxious because this will be sort of our first big assessment to see how growth is going,” Estep says. “We’re very hopeful that if not great gains, at least we hope to see as good as what we’ve done in the past.”

Estep says after all the tests are complete, the district will compile the results and determine if there needs to be any changes when students come back from winter break.

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