IOP to discuss new crosswalks and flashing beacons

VIDEO: IOP to discuss new crosswalks and flashing beacons

ISLE OF PALMS, S.C. (WCSC) - The Isle of Palm’s Public Safety Committee says they are looking to add several cross walks and possibly flashing beacons along Palm Boulevard.

IOP Police Chief Kevin Cornett says they are still looking for input from the community before moving forward with the project.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation says they have received numerous complaints about flashing beacons being too bright for residents in the area.

Cornett says they are looking to work with the community to solve this problem, since the main goal is to keep pedestrians safe.

The IOP Public Safety Committee is meeting Thursday to discuss where to add the crosswalks and beacons between 41st Avenue and 57th Avenue on Palm Boulevard.

Although there have been a couple accidents in the area, Cornett says none of them were involving pedestrian.

With a growing population on IOP, and a large new addition to the Wild Dunes hotel set to be complete this year, Cornett says IOP is looking to install more crosswalks before something does happen.

Cornett says today they are hoping to hear some feedback on where and how often the community would like to see additional crosswalks and rapid flashing beacons. He says installing these crosswalks and beacons is not cheap, with each flashing beacon costing as much at $10,000.

SCDOT and the Wild Dunes Hotel will be contributing to make this happen, but Cornett also says the IOP Police Department is planning to up their efforts in enforcing the state law, requiring drivers to stop when pedestrians are using a crosswalk.

“I think people should expect to see us as these are put in place, and even before they are put in place because we have crosswalks along Palm Blvd now in other areas,” Cornett says. “We will be stepping up our enforcement of crosswalk laws along Palm Blvd.”

Thursday’s Public Safety Committee agenda says the group will also be discussing their plans to open up nearly a dozen new parking spots on Palm Boulevard which, right now, Cornett says are loading zones.

In order to give residents more space to park, Cornett says the loading zones will be limited from 8 a.m. and become available for parking at 2 p.m.

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