Mace says Trump’s legacy ‘wiped out’ during riot

VIDEO: Mace: 'We need to come together' after DC riot

WASHINGTON. (WCSC) - Just days into her first term, First Congressional District Rep. Nancy Mace has been outspoken after the chaos on Capitol Hill and is calling out her peers to change their tone to protect lives.

“Every accomplishment that Republicans have had over the last four years of President Trump’s presidency has been entirely wiped out and where do we go from here?” Mace said. “We’ve got to figure out those challenges ahead because they are going to be enormous.”

Mace’s number one message to lawmakers is to stop hateful and divisive rhetoric.

“It was very, very dangerous. It was scary. The rhetoric puts peoples lives at risk and I condemn it vehemently and I hope that the rest of my colleagues will as well,” Mace said.

She said the Republican Party has to regain trust and rebuild in a different direction moving forward.

“We’ve got to think long and hard about who we want to be because I thought we were the party of law and order,” Mace said. “I thought we were the party that protected our police, not the party, not the folks that attacked the capital police and law enforcement that I saw yesterday and last night.”

Mace said she spent the night in her office for her safety after receiving death threats. She said she wants to see bipartisan efforts to make sure riots like those seen over the past 24 hours never happen again.

“It’s not OK. It’s got to stop,” she said. “I am not going to tolerate it and none of us should and we need to come together. We need to rebuild our country starting today.”

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