Apple, Google remove Parler from app stores

Apple, Google remove Parler from app stores
The social media app Parler, used by many conservatives and supporters of President Donald Trump, has been removed from the Apple and Google app stores. (Source: via CNN)

(CNN) - The social media app Parler, known to be popular among conservatives, has been banned from Apple’s ioS app store and the Google Play store.

Apple says it warned Parler prior to its removal but didn’t see an adequate response. The company says the app is home to violent threats and calls for illegal activity.

Google says postings in the app have incited violence in the U.S. In light of the public safety threat and the attack at the Capitol, they’re suspending the app’s listings until it addresses the issues. The company demands apps have policies in place to prevent the spread of violent rhetoric.

Amazon is also removing the app from its cloud hosting service.

The decisions come as blows to President Donald Trump’s supporters, many of whom use the Parler platform.

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