Fetter Health Care vaccinating without appointments

VIDEO: Fetter Health Care vaccinating without appointments

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Fetter Health Care says people over the age of 70 are eligible to receive a vaccine in North Charleston.

Organizers say vaccines are being distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis at Mount Moriah Baptist Church.

Reports say several people are already holding their spot in line outside the North Charleston church to receive one of the 500 COVID-19 vaccines being offered Wednesday.

Fetter Health Care says they will be arriving in at 7 a.m. to start handing out packets to the first 500 in line.

Once these people are given a packet, organizers say they can get back in their car and wait to be called in to receive their vaccine.

A Fetter Health Care spokesperson says they will stop handing out packets once they reach 500 people.

After patients receive the vaccine, each person will need to wait 15 minutes inside to be monitored for any side effects.

The spokesperson also says they are distributing these vaccines on a first-come, first-serve basis because their registration portal for the COVID-19 testing site didn’t work well for them. They say not only did some people not showed up but some either late or early completely throwing off schedules.

Mount Moriah Baptist Pastor Byron Benton says, “For us it’s about how do we meet the need. How do we make sure that people are getting healed, or at least helped, and getting the aid that they need during this season? So, the church is transformed to meet the need of the current context.”

Those wanting to come out to get a vaccine will need a valid picture ID that shows the patient is 70 or older. Organizers say healthcare workers will need to show their employer’s badge.

Mount Moriah Baptist Church is located at 7396 Rivers Avenue in North Charleston, but organizers say they only want the individuals who are receiving the vaccine at the location.

Benton says they are planning to hold a second distribution day for everyone who received the vaccine Wednesday. However, because of the vaccine shortage, plans have yet to be made for another distribution day.

Benton does say they are more than willing to host one if and when the opportunity arises.

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