The Citadel’s Raleigh Webb will spend spring season playing football, working on 3rd degree

The Citadel WR Raleigh Webb will spend the spring season playing football and working on his...
The Citadel WR Raleigh Webb will spend the spring season playing football and working on his 3rd degree from the school.(Louis Brems | The Citadel Athletics)
Published: Jan. 25, 2021 at 10:15 PM EST
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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Raleigh Webb is a master at juggling footballs on Saturday afternoons and he’s just as proficient when it comes to balancing classwork.

“School has always been easy for me.” Webb recently told us. “From what it appears, everyone would think I absolutely love school. It’s the complete opposite.”

Faced with the decision to stop playing football and enter the real world, The Citadel’s all-conference wide receiver opted to give school one more try.

“I think on Raleigh’s end of things, he didn’t feel like he played enough football.” Bulldogs head coach Brent Thompson said. “He’s going to go ahead and get his master’s in leadership. He’ll have three degrees from the Citadel at the end of this.”

“Coach Thomspon says I’m running him dry on money.” Webb said. “I’d have to agree. I don’t think he’s every paid for three degrees for anybody.”

Those days as a cadet a long gone, now this super-senior is set to begin a journey few would dare take themselves.

“The master’s program isn’t the easiest program I’ll say. It’s definitely a lot of work.” Webb said. “Everything is eight weeks. You’ve got all these assignment and discussion boards and quizzes and stuff each week that you have to plan out. It’s pretty rigorous, but it’s nothing I can’t keep up with.”

And while he won’t remember the late-night studying or tedious assignments, Webb says he say zero regrets.

“I think I’ll look back and be glad that it’s over. I’ll definitely be glad when I can be done and go home and not have to sit down and do classwork and quizzes and all of that. And the book readings and all of that.” Webb said.

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