BBB warns of scam: Reports of unsolicited masks from China arriving in mail in Charlotte

BBB warns of scam: Reports of unsolicited masks from China arriving in mail in Charlotte
(Source: WAFB)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The Charlotte Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about a scam that at least 10 people in the Charlotte area have fallen victim to.

One of WBTV’s viewers contacted us to ask why people in our area are receiving masks in the mail that they did not order.

President and CEO of the BBB, Tom Bartholomy, says they have received about 10 reports of unsolicited masks arriving in the mail from China. Bartholomy says it is like what happened in 2020, when people were receiving mysterious seeds in the mail from China.

He explained that both scenarios are a brushing scam. In which a company gets your name and address, then sends you something low cost like a mask.

Then, the hackers go online and post a glowing review of their company under your name. The motive is to boost their online standing.

“If a merchant would do this through some other means, it could cost him $50 to $75, but doing it this way, it costs maybe $5 to $10,” Bartholomy explained.

WBTV asked why the hackers bother sending a product if they already have access to your account in order to post a review.

With Amazon or Alibaba, they verify that the item was sent. So, that’s the quote unquote fail safe. That’s not really so much a fail-safe when you didn’t order it,” Bartholomy said.

If you receive a mask, seeds, or another product that you did not order, Bartholomy encourages you to report the situation to the BBB, throw the product away, and change your password on Amazon.

So far, Bartholomy says these scams have only been reported by people who have ordered through Amazon or Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce company.

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