CARTA paving the way for electric buses

VIDEO: CARTA paving the way for electric buses

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority is expected to move forward with their electric bus fleet.

While CARTA is working with three electric buses, the CARTA board says they will meet Wednesday to talk about their master plan for increasing the size of their fleet.

CARTA is scheduled to receive two more electric buses the week of Feb. 21, and an additional seven will arrive in July.

As they increase the electric fleet, board members say they are starting to organize how they will charge all of the battery powered buses.

The board says they will be bringing on a consultant to start analyzing the data and come up with a comprehensive plan. They say this will include identifying charging infrastructure needs and placement.

CARTA has plans to build a new transit center they say will be called the Shipwatch Square Transit Center.

This new super stop will be at the corner of Rivers Avenue and McMillan Avenue which is next to Charleston County’s purposed social services hub.

It will be larger than the current super stop at Crosgrove Avenue and Rivers Avenue, and CARTA spokesperson Daniel Brock says it will be a huge upgrade, not only because it will be a focal point to charge the new electric buses, but also because of the amenities like indoor seating, bathrooms, and more.

So with this new consultant, CARTA will coordinate how to move, what will eventually be 100 electric buses, through the new super stop charging station.

“The master plan is taking a big picture view at how we keep these electric buses moving in an efficient manner, stop in, get charged up, and then they’re on their way. That is really something we are looking forward to in the system is having some of these remote locations where we can plug in, power up, and get back on the road,” BCDCOG Regional Strategist Daniel Brock says.

Brock says if everything runs smoothly, CARTA hopes to open the Shipwatch Sqaure Transit Center in 2023.

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