SC House Judiciary scheduled to take up bills on guns, execution and religion

VIDEO: Lawmakers advance bills on religious freedom, death penalty

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCSC) - The South Carolina House Judiciary Committee is taking on a full slate of issues, some with the potential to provoke fiery debate.

Below is a quick summary of the impact each bill would have on South Carolina.

Open Carry with Training Act (H 3094)

  • It would allow anyone with a concealed weapon’s permit to openly carry a handgun
  • There is no existing law surrounding open carry of a handgun with a permit in SC
  • South Carolina is one of 45 states without legislation like this
  • However, by default, South Carolinians can carry long guns openly with a permit unless a business or area has rules against this

Execution by Electrocution (H 3755)

  • It would make the electric chair more common in South Carolina
  • Someone on death row would be sentenced to death by electrocution, unless they request a lethal injection
  • Director of the Department of Correction will have final say on method used
  • In the past, death sentences in South Carolina have been put on pause because of a lack of lethal injection supplies

South Carolina Religious Freedom Act (H 3105)

  • This bill would deem religious services “an essential service”
  • During a state of emergency religious institutions must be allowed to stay open
  • Religious institutions were never ordered to close in South Carolina, but the Bill’s sponsor said he is concerned because other states have done, and he wants to be proactive

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