Police investigate vandalism at Bishop England High School

VIDEO: Police investigate vandalism at Bishop England High School

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The Charleston Police Department says someone spray-painted political slogans and profanities all over a high school on Daniel Island.

Police say they first responded to the incident at around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday, after an officer who was on patrol spotted the letters ‘A’ ‘C’ ‘A’ ‘B’ written in black spray paint across the front four columns of the school.

Responding officers say they patrolled the remainder of the school on foot and observed several instances of additional graffiti on the exterior of the building.

On the Etiwan Avenue side of the school’s entrance, police say they spotted an anarchy symbol as well multiple hammer and sickle symbols spray painted in the immediate area.

Pro-communism and socialism statements were written on the side of the building and on the sidewalk at the Etiwan Drive entrance to the school. Police say graffiti criticizing the school, President Joe Biden and religion were also found.

In the back of the school, officers say they uncovered graffiti in black spray paint containing phrases accusing Bishop England staff of sexual misconduct.

A bus was tagged and officers say one green door at the back of the school was tagged with “Swear Word,” while another green door read, “I go to school here.”

Police say they did not locate a discarded spray paint can or any other physical evidence, but they observed multiple cameras in the area.

Officers say they called the Bishop England security coordinator and advised him of the incident. The security coordinator said the last time he checked on the school was at 6 a.m. Monday and the graffiti was not there.

Police checked additional locations nearby for graffiti and they say they did not locate any other instances.

Bishop England High School parents gathered Tuesday afternoon to participate in a prayer chain following vandalism found at the school.

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