CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Woman dragged by car in purse-snatching attack

OAKLAND, Calif. (KPIX) - A woman is recovering mentally and physically after purse snatchers dragged her down the street with their vehicle.

“I mean, she seems scared. She’s shaken up,” the victim’s husband said. He declined to provide his name.

Surveillance cameras inside a beauty supply store captured the woman being dragged by the suspect’s vehicle. The suspects had grabbed her purse, but the purse strap was crossed over her neck and shoulder.

“I heard some loud noise, and I get out the car, and I saw her on the street. That’s all I see,” The victim’s husband said.

Employees at the store reported the woman had just finished purchasing cosmetic supplies and had walked down to the grocery store at the end of the street. It was there she ran into the suspects, who ended up dragging her all the way back in front of the beauty supply store.

The woman was eventually able to break free. Her husband believes the straps of the bag may have loosened allowing her to slip out.

This is the latest crime against an Asian victim in a recent string of attacks in the area.

“On the news, they say that they target Asian people, but we didn’t think about it when we were there,” the victim’s husband said.

The beauty supply store’s cameras were not able to get the vehicle’s license plate.

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