Community member steps in after Scouts’ trailer stolen in N. Charleston

Source: Live 5
Updated: Mar. 1, 2021 at 12:09 AM EST
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NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - This weekend, the 14 and 15-year-old girls of Boy Scout Troop 742 were surprised to learn their new trailer was stolen from behind a church on Dorchester Road.

“It was kind of shocking and upsetting at first,” Troop leader Katherine Robinson said. “It’s kind of saddening to know that someone would steal something like that from us.”

Security footage shows a person pulling up, attaching and stealing the roughly $3,000 trailer which was originally a gift to the troop.

“We had only had it for a couple of months,” Troop 742 committee chair, Christine LaRue, said. “We hadn’t even had an opportunity to put our graphics and logo on the side of it.”

The troop uses the trailer to haul equipment for camping and service projects.

“We had been doing it in individual cars but if we can do it in a trailer, it just makes everything so much easier to get it to the campsite,” LaRue said.

After hearing about the theft, a local attorney, and former scout himself, David Aylor, said he was moved to help.

“This just pulled at my heart strings. Obviously, this is an extremely difficult time financially,” Aylor said. “I was a boy scout when I was in middle school, my son was a boy scout as well.”

He wants to make sure the girls have a new trailer as soon as possible.

“We’re going to be replacing the trailer this week,” Aylor said. “And we’re probably going to be upgrading it a little bit.”

While deputies with the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office are still looking for the original trailer, the members of troop 742 say they’re more than grateful for Aylor’s generous gift.

“To have somebody in the community step up and just, out of the blue, say they would donate something to us is miraculous and we are totally, totally grateful,” LaRue said.

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