McMaster order aims to expand SC’s medical manufacturing industry

McMaster order aims to expand SC’s medical manufacturing industry
Gov. Henry McMaster issued an executive order Thursday directing the state’s Department of Commerce to enhance recruitment efforts of pharmaceutical and medical supply manufacturers in South Carolina. The order also directs state agencies to focus procurement efforts of medicines, medical devices and medical supplies on those made in the Palmetto State. (Source: WBTV)

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WCSC) - Gov. Henry McMaster on Thursday announced a new executive order aimed at bringing more medical manufacturers, including those making personal protective equipment, to the state.

During a news conference at a Bausch and Lomb facility in Greenville, McMaster outlined details of the order, which directs the state’s commerce department to find and recruit companies in the pharmaceutical industry and those making PPE to the state.

The commerce department is also tasked with helping companies already in the state expand.

The governor said the pandemic makes it that much more important to have these companies in the state instead of relying on those outside the state or country.

“By successfully recruiting pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing companies to invest, locate and expand in South Carolina, we will have ready and reliable access to the critical resources we will need for good health in South Carolina and what we may need for future public health emergencies should they arrive,” McMaster said.

The order also tells state agencies to prioritize buying medical supplies and equipment made in the state when possible.

The Department of Commerce will work directly with SC BIO, a statewide not-for-profit life sciences and economic development organization formed to promote and expand the state’s life sciences industry.

“As a major driver and diversification of South Carolina’s growing economy, the surging impact, reach and significance of the multi-billion dollar life sciences industry in our state certainly warrants the strategic emphasis being placed on it by Gov. McMaster,” SCBIO President and CEO Sam Konduros said. “We’re honored by the Governor’s profound support, and this bold Executive Order further demonstrates his ongoing commitment to empower our statewide mission to build, advance and grow the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry in the Palmetto State like never before.”

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