City, county partner to battle James Island flooding

VIDEO: City, county partner to battle James Island flooding

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCSC) - Charleston County and the city of Charleston hope a new park on James Island will help tackle flooding in the area.

The proposed Howle Avenue Park would go on land at the end of Howle Avenue off Maybank Highway near the James Island Creek. Charleston Special Project Administrator Matt Compton said those who live in the area have experienced drainage issues on their property for a long time. The park, he says, would help alleviate flooding problems and would also include a series of improvements.

“This parcel is located in a keystone location, and we can use that to make things better both for storm water and connectivity,” Compton said. “And along the way we can create a really neat little park space out of it.”

The city wants to apply $425,000 from Charleston County’s Greenbelt Project to pay for the park, which will also include walking and biking paths around the pond. It would also connect all the communities and commercial centers, including the Maybank Tennis Center.

But Compton said the project would require a significant amount of work to design the stormwater improvements, meaning it could be a year and a half before the park opens.

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