Mount Pleasant seeing increase in film production requests in town

VIDEO: Mount Pleasant seeing increase in film production requests in town

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - The Mount Pleasant Town Council says they’re seeing an increase in requests from video production companies asking to film television shows and films.

The town is holding a public hearing Tuesday evening to discuss a new Commercial Filming Policy for Mount Pleasant. This comes after members of town council shared at a previous meeting that larger filming companies like Netflix and HBO have asked to film shows and movies here.

The new proposed ordinance claims they want set rules for filming companies to follow in order to protect public and private properties in town.

The ordinance also mentions that the Town of Mount Pleasant recognizes that movie and television production enhances economic development in town and they expect the requests to film here to continue to rise.

The new policy breaks up the permits for filming based on the impact different types of shots will have on an area. For example, larger productions with extended filming time frames and with larger impacts to public space and access could be charged $500 per day.

More information about these fees can be found by joining in on Tuesday’s public hearing at Mount Pleasant’s 6 p.m. town council meeting. It will take place at the Mount Pleasant Municipal Complex.

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