Johns Island group working on plan for safer roads

VIDEO: Johns Island group working on plan for safer roads

JOHNS ISLAND, S.C. (WCSC) -A grassroots group of Johns Islanders are working on a plan to make roads safer on the island.

The group called Rational Roads for Johns Island was created as a response to proposals created by Charleston County that could widen Bohicket Road from Maybank Highway to Betsy Kerrison Parkway.

The area is considered “Segment C” of the county’s Main Road Corridor project, which aims to reduce traffic congestion and increase capacity on Bohicket Road. Officials say it would also provide opportunities for pedestrians and bicyclists to safely travel throughout the project area.

The county received public feedback on five alternatives that have been considered, but nearby residents have expressed concerns about the proposals.

“A group of Johns Islanders started to coalesce around this idea that perhaps we weren’t looking at all of the best alternatives for the solutions to some of the traffic congestion and safety issues we have on Johns Island,” Johns Island resident Kate Nevin said. “What connected us was, yes, we need to improve the roads but are the options we’re being given the best options that are out there.”

Nevin says the Rational Roads group has collected traffic data from agencies like the state department of transportation to look at the areas where traffic congestion and accidents have occurred on the island.

With support from local organizations like the Coastal Conservation League and community members they have also hired traffic engineers to come up with a sixth alternative to present to Charleston County council.

“The current plan that is being discussed right now is focused on the southern end of Johns Island, but the vast majority of congestion, traffic collision, and all of the issues are all on the northern part of Johns Island,” Nevin said.

For more information on Charleston County’s Segment C proposals,

“Charleston County Public Works is going through the federally mandated National Environmental Policy Act process for Main Road Corridor: Segment C. The project team is currently completing their review of the public input from the meeting in December. Public Works will schedule an in-person meeting to address the public’s concerns once COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted,” Charleston County officials said in a statement.

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