You had ‘Onyl’ one job! Contractor paints misspelled word on Johns Island road

VIDEO: You had ‘Onyl’ one job! Contractor paints mis-spelled word on Johns Island road

JOHNS ISLAND, S.C. (WCSC) – Drivers heading to work on Johns Island Thursday morning may have seen a misspelled word painted on the road in front of them and thought they needed more coffee, but the gaffe was real – and quickly fixed.

Someone sent our radio partner 94.3 WSC a photo showing the word “only” painted on River Road near Maybank Highway, but the letters Y and L were switched around.

Drivers we showed the photo to Thursday afternoon found it amusing, but it wasn’t there for them to see with their own eyes; Charleston County said it was fixed shortly after it was discovered.

Taxpayers don’t need to fret. The goof didn’t cost anything extra to fix.

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