Delays in receiving new social security cards in the mail causing concern

VIDEO: Delays in new social security cards

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - A delay in processing new social security number card requests in the Lowcountry is causing concerns.

Alicia Privette says she had her daughter at a Charleston hospital in August and did the typical enumeration at birth process where you apply for your child’s birth certificate and social security card at the hospital.

She says she got her child’s birth certificate but never received their social security card.

Around December she said she started to be concerned since she hadn’t heard anything from the social security office.

“Obviously I was concerned that it had been sent out and I wanted to make sure. someone didn’t steal it from the mail,” Privette said.

This is because the office is requiring people mail in all information and are only accepting emergency appointments in the office because of COVID-19 concerns.

According to the social security government website, the national average processing time for enumeration at birth is two weeks. It adds that parents should expect an additional two weeks for mailing time to receive an SSN card in the mail.

In a statement from the regional office, they did not give a specific timeline for when people can expect to get their requested social security cards.

“Earlier this year there was a slight delay in processing the small number of new SSN card requests for children the Charleston office did receive. The delay has been addressed, and requests are being processed,” said Regional Communications Director for Social Security Public Affairs Patti Patterson.

She did explain what caused the delay and how backed up they are.

“Luckily or unluckily, the tax filing deadline has been extended so it’s become a little bit less of an issue,” Privette said. “But, I’m looking at having to delay filing our taxes or asking for an extension.”

Privette also explained that she hopes this helps other people who may be in a similar situation get help, especially if they are waiting to file taxes and get stimulus checks in return.

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