Colleton Co. returning to five-day in-person learning

VIDEO: Colleton Co. returning to five-day in-person learning

COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - The Colleton County School District say they will begin offering a five-day-a-week, in-person school schedules for students for the first time since the pandemic began.

The school district says the option opens Monday, after Gov. Henry McMaster signed a new bill stating all districts must offer their students the option of attending school in-person, five-days a week.

Colleton County School District spokesman Sean Gruber says they were already planning this return, so, when the new bill passed last week, they just sped up the return process.

“There wasn’t much more work to do, it was just, well now we know, we’ve got to let folks know that they can come back if they wish to and we’re just adding another day on the week,” Gruber said.

Since February, the Colleton County School District has offered in-person learning four-days-a-week.

Gruber says there will still be weekly deep-cleaning in the schools and on buses, air-purifiers in classrooms and offices, and everyone on district property will continue wearing masks. He says all students will have their temperature checked before entering school.

As of Friday afternoon, Gruber says about 60% of students were staying virtual and the rest planned to come back for full, five-day-a-week learning. He says the district is pleased with the number of responses they got from families.

“Thank you for responding to the survey, thank you for being patient with us, thank you for working with us through a very, very difficult time and please, by all means, if they have any comments, questions, concerns, please come and talk to us,” Gruber said. “We’re available to talk to you and hear your concerns. We want to listen; we want to find out what you need.”

Gruber says if those still on the fence about coming back to full, in-person learning, have until Friday, April 30 to make that decision.

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