Dive search and rescue efforts to resume Friday morning at Port Fourchon over 50 hours later for 12 missing crew members

Updated: Apr. 16, 2021 at 8:49 AM EDT
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Dive search and rescue efforts for missing crew members aboard an over-turned lift boat at Port Fourchon have been called off for the night and will resume Friday morning. The use of helicopters and airplanes will continue to be used to survey the scene from above throughout the night.

It has been over 50 hours since the mayday calls were sent out and 12 crew members are still missing.

Meanwhile, their families continue to wait for updates on the search and rescue. As they wait, questions remain. Marion Cuyler, the fiance of missing crewmember Chaz Morales, said that she is now at the point of anger and frustration, just as some of the other family members are who are also waiting for answers.

“We’re basically in high spirits,” said Cuyler. “We are trying not to think the worse… have to keep hope and faith alive.”

Cuyler said that, for now, she is trying to stay positive now that the Coast Guard has begun giving more information more often regarding the developments of the search. A Coast Guard spokesman said that rough seas have made conditions difficult for divers and other methods of reaching the vessel, calling it a “difficult task at hand”.

“They did not confirm there was actual physical communication but there may have been signs they know there are people in there, plus the guy that got rescued said they’re in there now,” Cuyler said. “Some of them are still in shock, I know Chaz’s mom is sick to death. I wish I could be there for them but I have to be here for them.”

She also said that she is struggling to stay strong at this point, especially as it goes into day three of this disaster.

The spokesman from the Coast Guard said that he is not able to go into detail on the current status of the search and rescue efforts. He could not confirm how many people are believed to be on board at this time or where they may be located if inside the vessel at this time.

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