SC Lt. Gov. Evette touts state’s COVID-19 response at Lowcountry Republican Club

VIDEO: Lt. Gov. Evette speaks at Lowcountry Republican Club

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - During a visit to Charleston, South Carolina’s lieutenant governor praised the state’s response to the pandemic and its recovery.

Lt. Gov. Pamela Evette spoke at the Greater Lowcountry Republican Club.

She said school districts that opened early to in-person learning shared information that helped other districts reopen as well.

“School districts that were open, they talked about what they would have done differently, what worked really well, so that he could encourage everybody to open up,” she said.

As of this week, every school district in the state was required by law to offer in-person school instruction five days per week.

The last three districts that had not already moved to five-day in-person instruction earlier this month when Gov. Henry McMaster signed the measure into law had already planned to offer five-day in-person instruction starting Monday.

Evette touted the state’s response to COVID-19, saying South Carolina was the last state east of the Mississippi to tap the breaks in response to the pandemic and was the first state to open up businesses.

“And if you look at every other state in this wonderful country and you look under Department of Commerce, they all claim to be pro-business states, too, but we actually walked the walk,” she said.

Evette also described how the role of lieutenant governor in South Carolina changed just before she was elected.

“The lieutenant governor of the state used to preside over the Senate, which is why nobody ever knew who the lieutenant governor was because they were always sitting in the Senate waiting to be the deciding vote, and you’re in charge of the Department of Aging,” she said. “But with the constitutional change that happened that all of you voted on, the lieutenant governor now gets to work with the governor.”

Prior to the last election, voters elected a governor and lieutenant governor separately, meaning the two could be of opposite political parties.

“So we all know that that would be a train pushing in two different directions,” she said.

Evette and her husband run Quality Business Solutions, a payroll, human resources and benefits firm headquartered in Travelers Rest.

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