Charleston Co. School Board approves $500 employee bonuses

VIDEO: Charleston Co. School Board approves $500 employee bonuses

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The Charleston County School District voted Monday afternoon to approve a second salary bonus for all permanent employees.

The district’s board of trustees approved a plan to send a $500 bonus to teachers and district employees.

School District Chairman Eric Mack called a special meeting to propose and vote on the bonuses.

“The pandemic has really been a struggle for some folks,” Mack said.

The $500 amount is the total after taxes. This would cost the district between $5.1 and $5.2 million, but Mack said it’s well worth the cost to show their appreciation.

“They’re engaged through the entire year without interruption, and as we began to go through these pandemic situations, they were stellar throughout the entire process,” Mack said. “And we feel that another round of bonuses will show a great appreciation to our employees.”

Mack says the money could be in employees’ accounts this month.

Board members said they feel the need to reward employees once again after all the work they have put in for students during the pandemic.

“We’re hoping to show our appreciation to them as a motivator to say we’re here for you, we’re supporting you, and we understand the impact that you have faced during these trying times, and we hope that this special bonus will show our appreciation for you,” Mack said.

Leanna Rossi-Potter, a teacher with the school district, said she was appreciative of the bonus.

She also believes there are other ways to continue appreciating teachers moving forward.

“I think it is positive for teachers to feel respected and appreciated by the school district,” Rossi-Potter said. “I know that there are other ways in which it could happen other than monetary, but we appreciate it and other districts have done the same. "

Board member Kristen French said she hopes the board will continue to find ways to support teachers.

“I think it’s good we were able to show them some support and the timing is nice. I’m sure it was not lost on people, but it’s teacher appreciation week and I hope we will continue to look at other ways to provide longer term and more sustainable support for our teachers and staff going forward,” French said.

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