Virtual students required to take end-of-year tests in-person

Updated: May. 6, 2021 at 3:06 PM EDT
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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - With the end of the school year a little over a month away, students and families are reminded that it’s now a federal requirement for all virtual students to take state-mandated testing in person.

This includes End-Of-Course exams, SC READY, and SC PASS tests.

Dorchester District Two says when parents signed their virtual learning contracts they agreed their students would come in-person to take these state mandated tests.

The Director of DD2′s Virtual Academy, Dr. Greg Harrison, says in the fall they had end of course exams, but not SC Ready or SC PASS testing.

He says that allowed them to prepare to offer more in-person testing options for students with health concerns.

He says they’ve worked with families to offer testing in cafeterias where there are only a few students to allow them to space out more than usual. Harrison said they can also administer tests outside in more open spaces, and they’ve even had principals and proctors go to a student’s house to give them their tests.

He said while most tests are given on computers now, it’s still important each student is monitored.

“We could not guarantee that at your house all of the secure testing environment is adequate and what it needs to be, and the state guidelines would not even allow us to do that,” Harrison said. “So, we would be out and it would basically disqualify a student’s test if they took it outside of what is considered a secure testing environment in the school.”

Harrison said once virtual students finish their tests they can go home and do the rest of that day’s course work from home.

Charleston County School District officials said they plan to offer standardized tests at all schools for both in-person students and virtual academy students. Those will all be given between May 21 and June 18.

Berkeley County School District says students in their Blended Learning Pathway will take the assessments at their school and BCSD is offering transportation to those who request it.

Here’s a list of dates for all end of the school year testing, set by the South Carolina Department of Education:

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