Community input wanted on Six Mile Cultural Heritage Trail

Updated: May. 26, 2021 at 7:56 AM EDT
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MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - The town of Mount Pleasant wants the community’s input on the Mount Pleasant Way Pilot Project.

The Mount Pleasant Way Project is a proposed 20-mile network of of multi-use paths connecting neighborhoods, parks, schools, and stores in town.

Mount Pleasant Operations Division Chief James Aton says the Mount Pleasant Way Project could take years to complete. However, he says smaller trails and additions will come much sooner.

The first project included in the Mount Pleasant Way will be the Six Mile Cultural Heritage Trail. Aton says they launched a survey earlier this week asking for community input on the designs for the new trail.

“You know, the Six Mile Community is a first settlement community,” Aton said. “So, we’re looking to partner with that community to tell the story, to tell their history of that community, where it came from, the families that lived there.”

The online survey asks questions on certain proposed ideas and allows folks to share other ideas on amenities they’d like to see.

The Six Mile Cultural Heritage Trail will run parallel to Rifle Range Road from the intersection at Six Mile Road to a new trailhead parking area for the new Rifle Range Park. Aton says that will be right before the Cultivator Street roundabout.

The concrete trail is proposed to be about a half mile as well as part of a larger loop system to connect other sidewalks and multi-use paths.

.(Town of Mount Pleasant)

Aton says he’s heard concerns from residents in the area about a lack of pedestrian access.

One structure being considered is a shelter with space for open-air activities. Plans say it would also serve as a historical marker for the community.

Aton says it’s important to highlight the history in an area that is sometimes looked over in town.

“There’s other historical features.” Aton said. “The Christ Church Line in this area as well that, you know, is something that’s worth highlighting and creating awareness on the community standpoint of all the history that’s within their own backyard.”

Aton says the survey is open to anyone, not just residents in the area. He says they will incorporate the survey results into the design plans. He hopes to have designs done by the end of this year and start work in early 2022.

The survey will close on June 22.

More information about The Mount Pleasant Way Project can be found on the town of Mount Pleasant’s website.

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