Goose Creek residents drying out following heavy rain, flooding Saturday

Updated: Jun. 6, 2021 at 11:18 PM EDT
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GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCSC) - Residents in parts of Goose Creek spent Sunday cleaning up after heavy rain led to flash flooding that inundated part of the region on Saturday.

While some areas saw little to no measurable rain, others saw estimated totals of over seven inches fall in a period of just hours. That led some areas to go under water.

The Goose Creek Fire Department said they responded to multiple calls of people stranded in vehicles Saturday.

They also helped Fritz and Carlene Young, whose home filled with around a foot and a half of water in spots, get to somewhere dry.

The Youngs, who have lived along Foxborough Road for 35 years, have seen plenty of storms and even some flooding, but nothing to that extent.

“I went and got my husband, he was lying down and within minutes, it was really just massive. I’ve never seen it like that before,” Carlene Young recalled. “It was like a torrent of water, waves, waves were coming because of it coming from so many directions.”

The water kept coming from down the street and from the drainage ditch next to their home. That ditch – specifically poor management of it, they argued, was partly to blame for the issues on their property and in their home.

“We see debris that washes up often when we have heavy rains, and that debris backs up the water onto levels that affect us, that affect our property, and they just don’t maintain the ditch,” Carlene Young said.

While she recognized Saturday’s torrential downpour was an “act of God,” Young said the city of Goose Creek and Berkeley County have long pushed aside her concerns.

“I still think no matter how much longer we live here that the city can do what they can to keep that lake from overflowing and the county can do something about the water that comes through this ditch that’s not maintained and hasn’t been maintained until we go through multiple phone calls,” she said.

Not far away at Ken and Patty Hegwood’s home, they were getting ready for a pool party when the storm popped up.

“The rain got really bad, and the next thing you know the wind was bad, the lightning was striking and next thing we had big old giant hail slamming on the house, the windows and on the back yard,” Ken Hegwood said.

They headed inside, where they eventually noticed the water had followed.

“My sister-in law was sitting here in the front room here, and she looked down and she’s like, ‘Somebody spilled water on the floor.’ And she got up to like clean it up and the floor moved,” Hegwood said, describing them walking on the carpet as if it were a water bed.

The Hegwoods had just finished laying new flooring in their home as part of a remodel. Now, they will have to start from scratch and hope insurance covers their losses.

“We don’t have flood insurance. I hope this isn’t considered a flood,” he said.

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