CSU’s Denson deals with stress through Lego’s

CSU head coach Autry Denson unwinds by assembling Lego sets
CSU head coach Autry Denson unwinds by assembling Lego sets
Published: Oct. 12, 2021 at 12:39 PM EDT
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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Autry Denson is a competitor by nature. A sprit that led the Charleston Southern head coach to a career in football.

He knows the best teams are constructed with pieces, big and small, much like the trophies that stand in his office.

But among the various memorabilia sits a *different* type of collectors item. One he constructed with his own two hands.

“I think LEGO is right on par with what we do as a football ministry.” Denson said.

When times get tough, the 44-year-old turns to Legos. The children’s toy providing entertainment for nearly 90 years.

“I’m like the biggest kid in any room that I’m in.” Denson said. “Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. I just enjoy having fun.”

His days as a Lego master date back to his youth and holidays with large family gatherings.

“We have big bags of Legos and I’m talking about 10-plus grandchildren just sitting there begin creative and playing together – not fighting.”

Years later, Denson is still tinkering away and now shares his love of these little tiny blocks with his own kids.

“It’s always cool to get them away from their cell phones – especially nowadays when they’re attached to their cell phones. I’m thankful our children actually still look forward to it and it’s something we hope they value when they become parents.”

There comes a time when kids phase out of Legos and move on to the next hot, new toy… but Denson says there’s no age limit to creativity and fun.

“I refuse to not have fun. Lego is an extension of fun so sign me up for it.”

And in this era where people are more cognizant about their mental health. Denson says he’s never ashamed to unbox, unwind and let his imagination do the rest.

“It’s very therapeutic. I’ve always been aware of when I need breaks and and giv me time to come up for air. It gives me a chance to challenge myself mentally. And more importantly, it’s something that I’ve done to complete. It’s a part of my process.”

Part of that process is also taking heat from his players.

“I really wish they had the courage to play with Legos at my age. I tell them to come on into the office. You don’t have to be ashamed. Just come in and sit down with coach and we can create some Legos.”

Building Legos and constructive better men one piece at a time. Brick by brick.

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