Myrtle Beach business, surfing community rally behind artist battling COVID

Native Sons in Myrtle Beach is helping to raise money for Drew Brophy, a former t-shirt...
Native Sons in Myrtle Beach is helping to raise money for Drew Brophy, a former t-shirt designer, who has been battling COVID-19.(Source: Native Sons)
Published: Dec. 27, 2021 at 6:09 PM EST|Updated: Dec. 27, 2021 at 7:26 PM EST
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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) – A Myrtle Beach local is getting help from the surfing community and his former employer as he begins his COVID-19 recovery.

Drew Brophy has spent decades as a professional artist, mainly in the surfing community. He started making designs for Native Sons as a teenager, before pursuing a professional surfing career and eventually establishing himself as a surf artist.

“He started painting surfboards and had a unique style. If you ever look at his artwork, you know right away it’s Drew Brophy -- wild, unique stuff,” said the owner of Native Sons, Steve Taylor.

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But Brophy hasn’t been able to do any surfing or painting lately. That’s because he has been in the intensive care unit since early November, battling the coronavirus.

Taylor said Brophy just got off the ventilator and can start the recovery process, but that could take several weeks or even months.

Now the t-shirt printing company has stepped in to help out one of its early artists.

“We all, here locally, want to move away and do big things, and Drew did that, so we all kind of live through him and his art. The recovery for that depends on the person, and I think Drew is up for it,” Taylor said.

Native Sons launched a new shirt in order to raise money to help pay for Brophy’s medical bills. It’s one of Brophy’s designs that typically says “Pray for Surf” but the specialty shirt says “Pray for Drew.”

“It is kind of heartbreaking to learn that a friend of yours has succumb to such a thing as this and be in the hospital for so long, but Drew being a fighter, he’ll push through this,” said Al McWhite, an artist at Native Sons.

The printing company is hoping that every “Pray for Drew” shirt they print will get them one step closer to watching Brophy out on the waters again.

Native Sons has raised about $10,000 by selling t-shirts. That is in addition to the more than $80,000 raised on a GoFundMe page that has been set up for Brophy.

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