Woman blames ‘disfiguring, life threatening’ injuries on treatment at Trident Medical Center

Published: Apr. 22, 2022 at 5:28 PM EDT
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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - A Charleston County woman says Trident Medical Center staff, or lack thereof, caused her to develop life-threatening injuries, according to court documents filed Thursday.

It all started in September 2021, and according to some Intent to File Suit documents, it all comes down to the patient not being in the right hands.

The papers allege Trident Medical Center failed to ensure proper care or provide enough staff. The documents go on to say the patient, as a result of improper care, developed “disfiguring, permanent and life-threatening injuries,” more specifically pressure sores. The patient now has plans to sue the hospital.

The documents claim Trident Medical Center didn’t properly staff their facility, and when there were employees, they weren’t properly trained.

The patient is suing for fraud, claiming Trident misrepresented the abilities of the hospital and its staff at the time the patient was admitted. On top of that, they’re alleging negligence, ranging from staff not keeping track of the patient’s symptoms to not notifying the patient’s family after these incidents.

The documents go on to say the plaintiff is likely not the only person experiencing issues like this and that Trident Medical Center knew it didn’t have the staff or resources to care for the patient.

Trident Medical Center Spokesman Rod Whiting gave Live 5 News a statement on the Intent to File documents, saying:

“We are aware of the inaccurate allegations that have been made. We believe the care we provided was appropriate and will be defending ourselves through the legal process. We are proud of the skilled and compassionate care our team members provide every day.”

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