Debbie Antonelli’s 24 Hours Of Nothing But Net Returns, Bigger Than Ever

Published: May. 6, 2022 at 1:02 PM EDT
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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Debbie Antonelli’s 24 Hours of Nothing But Net marathon returns this year for it’s fourth year and this year she says it’s expanded to six different states.


“Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Minnesota, and Texas” Antonelli said. “underneath the branding of 24 hours of Nothing But Net, all they have to do is make 100. It doesn’t have to be one person doing it, they can do it by team or relay, or however they choose to do it. As long as they make 100 every hour. That’s the only thing that I asked them. But I’m doing it here in South Carolina, because I’m motivated by my son, Frankie, and I want to continue to use my platform to tell the story.”

Over the course of 24 hours, Debbie will shoot 100 free throws at the top of every hour. And at the end she hopes to have made 2400 free throws.

“If everyone I know are listening out there will give us one penny for every free throw I make. It’s just $24 for Special Olympics, and it will go a long way in supporting the athletes helping them train helping them compete and helping them organize.” Antonelli said.

The entire 24-hour nothing but net marathon will be live-streamed with special guest appearances throughout.

“If you do tune in, you see the free throws and then you stick around” Antonelli said. “because you might want to hear an interview from Mia Hamm or Dawn Staley or Jay Bilas from ESPN.”

And all of the money Debbie raises will support Special Olympics right here in Charleston county.

“I mean, my son, Frankie is my motivation.” Antonelli tells us. “I thought all the years that sport has impacted his life around Special Olympics, that this was a wonderful opportunity for us to try to do something with our platform, and I have the ability to shoot free throws. Even though I get AARP mail, I’m a little bit older, but I’m still working and training out to do this so that I can do it at a high level.”

She plans to keep doing this for many years to come, showing no signs of slowing down.

“I’m gonna shoot until my arm falls off. Actually, that’s how long I’m gonna do this until I can’t do it anymore.”

The 24 hour nothing but net marathon starts on May 14th and ends on May 15th.

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