Mace would only support abortion law with exceptions

Published: May. 8, 2022 at 3:18 PM EDT|Updated: May. 8, 2022 at 6:38 PM EDT
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WASHINGTON (WCSC) - U.S. Rep. Nancy Mace told CBS’s “Face the Nation” Sunday morning she believes her position on abortion is in line with the First Congressional District she represents.

Moderator Margaret Brennan asked the Republican how she feels about abortion law in light of fellow Republican Gov. Henry McMaster’s support of further restrictions than the state’s so-called “Fetal Heartbeat Act” includes.

“I would only support legislation in South Carolina that has exceptions of rape or incest and the life of the mother,” Mace said. “I don’t believe that would pass without those exceptions.”

She said her position on abortion, with exceptions for rape, incest or protecting the life of the mother “is in line” with her district.

“It’s in line with the majority of, I believe, voters in my state as well.”

Mace acknowledged the current law, South Carolina’s Fetal Heartbeat and Protection from Abortion Act, which McMaster signed into law in February 2021, would restrict abortions at roughly six to eight weeks when a heartbeat is detected.

“But that bill had exceptions for rape and incest and life of the mother,” Mace said. “So that law is already on the books in South Carolina and it’ll be up to the legislature to determine if they want even more restrictions on it.”

The current South Carolina law has been blocked by a federal court. The outcome of a Mississippi case before the U.S. Supreme Court could change that, particularly if the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling is overturned.

National polling, Brennan said, shows a majority of Americans “want to keep the status quo.”

“At the state level, do you actually think the South Carolina legislature is in tune with public opinion here?” Brennan asked. “Because, I mean, our polling shows more than two-thirds of Republicans say abortion should be generally available or available with stricter limits. Is it a political mistake to just paint this as ‘pro-life, pro-choice?’”

Mace suggested that some of the polling on the issue gets murky, depending on how the question is asked and who pays for the polling.

“There is some polling out there that says that there are only 25% of Americans, some say up to 30%, that want abortion in every case, they don’t want any restrictions,” Mace said. “So that says to me that there’s a vast, vast majority of Americans that are okay with restrictions on abortion. We have some of the most liberal abortion laws in the world.”

Mace ‘working very hard’ to win June primary by ‘double digits’

Brennan also asked Mace about her opponent in the upcoming state Republican Primary, Katie Arrington, who ran unsuccessfully in 2018 against former Rep. Joe Cunningham, the man Mace defeated in 2020.

But Arrington gained an endorsement from former President Donald Trump for her run to unseat Mace.

“We’ve raised over $4.5 million for this race. My opponent has raised less than $300,000,” Mace said. “And, you know, I’m working very hard to win this not just by single digits, but by double digits.”

Mace said she believes Trump was given “bad advice,” on endorsing Arrington, referring to allegations that Arrington leaked sensitive information about the military.

“I live in a very fiscally conservative district, and she voted for the highest tax hike in South Carolina history and so there are very stark contrasts in our record,” Mace said. “And we raised the most money, we have the highest polling, and I’ve got 40 days to go until the June primary. I’m looking forward to winning.”

Arrington filed a lawsuit against the Department of Defense and the National Security Agency over the suspension of her security clearance in October. In the lawsuit, she claimed she was not given a reason for the suspension of her security clearance with the DOD was suspended or what information led to her being placed on paid administrative leave from her position as chief information officer with the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition.

She has said on Twitter that she is “the only candidate that is 100% Pro-Life, with no exceptions.”

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