South Street property owners will face jury trial for Memorial Day shooting

Source: Live 5
Published: Jun. 27, 2022 at 12:53 PM EDT
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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - On Memorial Day in downtown Charleston, a shooting on South Street left a dozen people injured.  Now, two property owners on South Street will face a jury trial this fall.

Dan Riccio, Director of Livability and Tourism, says livability court is a criminal court in Charleston that hears cases and citations, mostly in neighborhoods, that deal with quality of life issues.  Two South Street property owners are facing public nuisance charges in that court.

Police say large parties at the houses led to the shooting and fighting on Memorial Day.  The owners will now appear as defendants in court in September.  If they are found guilty, a judge will hand out a sentence.  The maximum penalty in livability court is 30 days in jail or a $1,087 fine.

“When September 19 rolls around, what will happen is there will be six members of the community, which are peers of the defendants, will be chosen to sit on this jury and hear the case. So once the case is presented, the jury will hear all the evidence from not only the prosecution but the defendants and their attorneys. They’ll hear it witness testimony, any evidence applicable to the case,” Riccio says.

Police say an empty lot on South Street was also used as a parking lot for people gathering on Memorial Day. The owner of the lot was out of town at the time, and has since put up no trespassing signs and asked the police to help enforce that, arresting people who do trespass.

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