Georgetown County Schools kicking off new ‘JAG’ program at high schools

Source: Live 5
Updated: Aug. 15, 2022 at 4:45 AM EDT
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GEORGETOWN COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - Georgetown County Schools is starting a new program this school year to help students succeed when they start their careers.

This year, all four of Georgetown County’s high schools will offer a special program called ‘JAG,’ which stands for ‘Jobs for America’s Graduates.’

JAG focuses on getting students to graduate while simultaneously providing them with skills to be successful in a job—whether that’s right after high school, after trade school or after college.

The program teaches interview skills, how to live off a paycheck, create a budget, build a resume and much more, according to Georgetown County School District officials.

“The JAG coordinator basically facilitates the opportunities for the students to participate in field opportunities, go with job visits, job shadows,” Craig Stone, the principal of Georgetown High School, says.

The funding for the program comes from four grants through the state’s technical college system, according to Superintendent Keith Price.

The grants cover two-thirds of the cost of the JAG program and JAG teachers at the county’s four high schools. The district is covering the rest.

“For us, it’s about $20,000-40,000 per position,” Price says. “All of the other costs and expenses—it goes toward the salary, the specialists, the training, all of the materials—all of those things are primarily covered by the grant.”

The program will count as an elective. The JAG specialist at Georgetown High says he believes the project-based course will make a major impact.

“So the main thing is understand who they are and have a plan for their goals and their dreams,” Thomas Diggs says. “It’s a very strong, positive program, and I’m looking forward to implement it at Georgetown High School.”

The superintendent says they are looking for businesses and organizations in Georgetown County that are willing to provide some apprenticeships or hands-on experience for students. If you are interested, you should reach out to the district.

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