Oh deer! Whitetail slips and slides around inside of S.C. restaurant

521 Filling Station is used to heavy foot traffic in and out of the door. But hoof traffic? Not so much.
Surveillance footage from 521 Filling Station in Kershaw shows customers helping get the deer out of the eatery.
Published: Oct. 26, 2022 at 9:23 AM EDT
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KERSHAW, S.C. (WBTV) – A South Carolina restaurant had an unexpected patron charge through its doors earlier this week.

The owners of 521 Filling Station in Kershaw posted video surveillance footage to its Facebook page that shows a deer making its way into the eatery on Monday. 521 Filling Station is used to heavy foot traffic in and out of the door. But hoof traffic? Not so much.

”I’m in a meeting with the human resources officers and I start getting phone calls. So I step out and call and they’re like there’s a deer in the restaurant. And I said, ‘What?’ And they said, ‘There’s a deer in the restaurant!’ and I said you’re kidding me,” said co-owner Kevin Sims.

Video on the restaurant’s Facebook page shows that this situation was no joke. You can see a deer burst through the front glass door and slide right into the dining room of the restaurant.

”Came across the parking lot full head of steam. Hit the front door. Shattered glass everywhere. He slid over here and then there’s chaos,” he says.

A startled worker gets out of the way as the deer slips on the floor, knocking down chairs as it slides around the restaurant. The video shows all that chaos unfolding.

The animal eventually winds up in a booth before one of the workers got their hands on the deer and slid it across the floor and then back outside.

“He needed help to get out, so I helped him!” said Beth Truesdale, a server at the restaurant.

Truesdale cornered that deer and got it calm enough to be able to drag it out. The server showed her nerves of steel the entire time.

”I was just trying to get him. I’m a country girl it didn’t bother me,” she sa

When asked how she managed to stay so cool, calm, and collected she said it was simple. She had to get back to work.

”Servers only make $2.13 an hour. Most of them. So, I just needed him to leave so I could finish making my money,” she explained laughing.

“Never a dull moment @ THE 521,” the restaurant posted. Watch the original video below:

Never a dull moment @ THE 521

Posted by 521 Filling Station "Home of the 16oz Ribeye" on Monday, October 24, 2022