Candidates in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District make final appeals to voters

Both Representative Nancy Mace and Dr. Annie Andrews are giving a final message to voters.
Published: Nov. 8, 2022 at 5:37 AM EST|Updated: Nov. 8, 2022 at 8:17 AM EST
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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Both Representative Nancy Mace and Dr. Annie Andrews are giving a final message to voters. One representative says she’s interested in being the independent voice who works hard to represent and put the Lowcountry first while the other says she’s interested in solving problems and bringing honesty and integrity back to the seat.

Mace and Andrews have been constantly campaigning and today they’ll find out who will win the House District 1 seat. Both women have made their respective stances on issues such as abortion, gun violence, climate change and what they both have said to be one if not the, biggest issue Americans are facing today, Inflation.

Andrews says she’s met many independent and moderate Republican voters who believe in what she’s fighting for, and she hopes everyone, no matter the party, will see the same. Andrew has pushed her stance to solve problems that are affecting people of the Lowcountry today.

“My opponent and many members of her party promise that if they’re elected, they’ll enact their secret magical plan to fight inflation. Well, there is no secret magical plan we have to fight this policy by policy. And I will get serious about doing things that will affect District 1 voters’ bottom line,” Andrews says.

Mace says she’s passed over 20 bills in her first term in Congress and is standing ground on being an independent voice and a conservative who has reached across the aisle to work with democrats and has stood with and against her own party time and time again. She says going into the polls today, she wants voters to think of who can really represent the district.

“I’ve been that voice and I’ve made that promise and I’ve made good on that promise since 2020 when I flipped this seat and it’s important that we have folks that can reach across the aisle and work hard and work with the other side and even when Republicans are in the majority I’m going to continue the work that I started working with Republicans and Democrats alike that’s part of the job,” Mace says.

Both women say win or lose they will continue to serve their community here in the Lowcountry. But if they win, Mace says she’ll be at Saltwater Cowboys tonight and Andrews says she’s looking forward to decompressing after the election and over Thanksgiving break with her family of five.