Berkeley Co. Superintendent making $225K per year and other benefits

One month after the hiring of the new Berkely County Superintendent, Dr. Anthony Dixon, his contract is being released to the public.
Published: Dec. 15, 2022 at 6:18 PM EST|Updated: Dec. 15, 2022 at 11:14 PM EST
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BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - One month after the hiring of the new Berkeley County Superintendent, Dr. Anthony Dixon, his contract is being released to the public.

Dixon’s base salary is $225,000. In addition to the base salary, the contract states Dixon will be eligible to receive up to four percent of Dixon’s annual base salary for each 12-month period from July 1st – June 30th. Dixon will be eligible for incentive compensation based on the Berkeley County School Board’s evaluation of Dixon’s performance.

The contract states Dixon will have a minimum of 15 days paid vacation each year.

The District shall pay Dixon a monthly automobile use and maintenance allowance of $900 for travel. The automobile allowance will be provided in lieu of any automobile and/or mileage reimbursement provided to employees under district policy.

The District is providing Dixon with a phone, computer, iPad and printer to perform his duties. The District will also pay Dixon a stipend of $150 for phone and internet service.

The contract states the District will reimburse Dixon for all out-of-pocket reasonable and necessary business expenses including the payment of reasonable expenses for training, continuing education, meetings, conferences, professional and civic memberships and any other activities which have to do with duties and responsibilities of the superintendent. Dixon can seek advance approval from the Board’s Chairperson for any individual expenses over $1,000.

The contract says the District has the right to terminate the agreement and Dixon’s employment in the event the District believes it has cause to terminate Dixon’s employment. In the event of a termination for cause, the Board will provide Dixon written notice of such termination and the supporting grounds. Within ten days of receipt of the notice of termination, Dixon may request a hearing before the Board to challenge his termination. The hearing shall be conducted in executive session at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board after Dixon’s request for a hearing. If the Board confirms the termination or takes no action, then Dixon’s termination shall be final. If the Board reverses the termination, Dixon shall be reinstated as Superintendent and will be paid any back wages due to him from the date of notice of termination through the date of the reversal.