High prices ‘disproportionately pinching’ younger Americans, data shows

30% of Gen Z, 28% of millennials have no emergency savings
Published: Jul. 31, 2023 at 4:40 PM EDT
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(InvestigateTV) — More than seven in 10 younger Americans are saving less because of inflation when compared to Gen X and baby boomers, a recent Bankrate.com survey found.

Sarah Foster is a principal writer for Bankrate.com. She said this is a time for younger Americans to be very mindful of how much they are spending and to hyper analyze their budgets.

Foster said the ultimate goal for Gen Z and millennials should be to make sure they are living within their means. She added there are several advantages to being young right now, especially when it comes to retirement contributions.

“Really the best way to gain wealth and beat inflation in the long run is to make sure that you’re holding a diverse portfolio of assets, including stocks,” Foster explained. “And so, we know that even if someone were to stop investing for three years because of inflation and they’re in their mid-twenties, they’d leave almost $200,000 on the table by the time they were 70.”

Foster said don’t stop retirement contributions during inflation. The amount can be reduced, but consistent contributions is key.

She said another reason younger Americans are being hit hard is they are early in their careers and haven’t reached their peak earnings.

Foster advised them to put any raises or extra money in savings or retirement accounts.

Bankrate has 11 tips for young Americans trying to reach financial goals during high inflation, including:

  • Look for high-yield savings accounts that offer much better returns that traditional accounts
  • Automate savings to build an emergency fund
  • Wait 24 hours before any unnecessary purchases