Off-duty police officer disarms man inside Walmart after road rage incident

An off-duty police officer disarmed a man inside a South Carolina Walmart following a road rage incident, officials said. (WIS)
Published: Oct. 16, 2023 at 8:54 AM EDT
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COLUMBIA, S.C. – (WIS/Gray News) An off-duty police officer disarmed a man inside a South Carolina Walmart following a road rage incident on Sunday, WIS reported.

Surveillance footage from the store and conversations with two off-duty officers who were at the store revealed that two men got into an argument in the Walmart parking lot.

The scuffle continued inside the store, according to the Richland County Sheriff’s Department.

An unknown man was hitting Jefferson Holliday, 26, in the back when Forest Acres Police Officer Treyvon Warren, who was at the store with his family, stepped in, a sheriff’s spokesperson said.

Investigators said Warren initially subdued the unknown suspect and broke up the assault.

Officials said Holliday then pointed a gun at the officer and the unknown man and began walking toward them.

Warren said he got between the two men, managed to take the gun away from Holliday and detained him until Richland County deputies arrived.

At this point, the unknown man, who was the original aggressor, escaped.

A second off-duty officer with the Bureau of Protective Services helped Warren unload the gun and hold Holliday down until deputies arrived.

Forest Acres police says all of this happened near the produce section.

“I was there with my family when the situation turned violent. Along with my own instincts to protect my family and our community, I was able to rely on my training and de-escalate the situation. Call it right place, right time or divine intervention - I’m just grateful this ended without any shots fired and all innocent bystanders were unharmed. No road rage incident, no matter how bad, is ever worth a life,” Warren said in a statement.

No shots were fired, and neither of the suspects nor the officers involved suffered serious injuries.

Forest Acres Police Chief Don Robinson praised Warren’s actions in a statement, saying, “We are so proud to have him as a FAPD officer. This was very heroic. Willing to serve and protect, no matter where it happens. A true lifesaver.”

The Walmart closed for a short period of time but was never evacuated, according to deputies.

Calls to the sheriff’s department initially indicated there was an active shooter at the Walmart, but deputies immediately realized upon arrival that this was not the case.

Holliday faces charges of pointing and presenting a firearm, unlawful carry of a firearm and aggravated breech of peace.

Deputies are still searching for the unknown man.