Charleston International prepares for holiday travel rush

Traditionally the busiest travel days are the Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving however the travel boom started over the weekend.
Published: Nov. 20, 2023 at 5:59 AM EST|Updated: Nov. 20, 2023 at 7:16 AM EST
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NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Charleston International Airport is urging travelers to be prepared for a busy and hectic Thanksgiving travel week.

Officials estimate the number of travelers will surpass last year’s numbers with a 9-12 percent increase in passengers.

Traditionally, the busiest travel days are the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving, but the travel boom started over the weekend.

Preparation for the travel week started much earlier, adding additional law enforcement, ensuring TSA is fully staffed for the safety and security of travelers and adding a remote parking lot with complementary shuttles to help with parking.

Looking to get a head start and make your travel go a bit more smoothly?

Officials recommended arriving at least 90 minutes before your departure time.

Travelers can also use the CHS check-and-go baggage system to check their bags at the curb.

Finally, refresh yourself on TSA rules and regulations.

CHS Deputy Executive Director and Chief Communications Officer Spencer Pryor says to be careful if you’re trying to bring food through security.

“From the food part of it, I’ve heard TSA folks say they’ve seen everything from frozen turkeys going through on there so you can bring food through,” Pryor said. “You know, prepared foods through but the liquids are the things that are forbidden but you want to check to make sure even if some of those prepared foods if there’s some liquid or some gravy or something like that won’t go through as well.”

Pryor also urges patience with airport staff.

“It can be stressful traveling and folks get a little frustrated, but they have to understand the experts, for the for a lack of a better word, they know what they’re doing,” Pryor said. “So, the TSA folks they’re there and they’re trained. They know the job and they’re just trying to do their job, so we have to be considerate. Likewise, with our wonderful flight attendants, and our pilots, and all of that be kind to them they’re just doing you know follow the instructions of what they have to do but the bottom line is we’re all working together.”

According to FlightAware, there have been zero flight cancellations in the past 24 hours. To stay updated on any cancellations or delays click here.