COVID-19: Fact or Fiction?

  Fact or Fiction: Does TikTok remedy actually bring back taste, smell after COVID?

A remedy challenge is going viral on social media and it claims a charred orange, mixed with brown sugar, can help people who have contracted COVID-19 get their taste and smell back.

Fact or Fiction: COVID-19 vs Flu

  CDC recommendations for trick or treating

  Fact or Fiction: Herd Immunity with COVID-19

  Fact or Fiction: Social media posts claim COVID-19 death toll is wrong

  Fact or Fiction: Does a positive COVID test always mean contagious?

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Fact or Fiction: Flushing out the coronavirus

COVID-19 can not be flushed out of your body, despite videos and online suggestions circulating to drink every 15 minutes or intake harmful disinfectants.

  FACT OR FICTION: 1918 flu deadly second wave

A picture circulating on Facebook says in 1918, people coming out of isolation too soon caused a second wave of deaths during that flu pandemic.

  Fact or Fiction: African Americans and COVID-19

Early numbers in some cities show the new coronavirus is disproportionately infecting African Americans.

  Fact of Fiction: 10 “cures” for coronavirus on Facebook

It's spreading on Facebook and claims to be advice from Johns Hopkins University and Chinese experts.

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