Caught On Camera

  Just-released video shows man being pushed off Las Vegas bus a month before his death

Police in Las Vegas are looking for witnesses after a woman was allegedly seen on video pushing a man from a public bus onto the street and to his death, according to a report.

  WATCH: Gorillas at this SC zoo show us that they don’t like being caught in the rain either

Zookeeper Brooke Hunsinger posted the video on May 3 of the troop together - including mothers Maci and Kazi with their babies, and the head of their household, Cenzoo, looking for ANY way to get out of the rain.

  North Charleston business owner looking for man who robbed her store

North Charleston police are investigating a burglary at a business on Dorchester Road.

  Caught on camera: Snake hidden on front porch light bites OK man in face

The man's friend immediately took him to the hospital, where it was determined the snake was not venomous.

Black bear caught in a hot tub living its best life in Tennessee

A bear was caught on camera taking some time to relax in a Gatlinburg hot tub.

Caught on camera: Truck catches fire, explodes in Burger King drive-thru

While waiting for his burgers, the truck’s driver realized a propane tank was leaking, but when he tried to check on it, it burst into flames.

GRAPHIC: Charges dropped against Florida teen whose rough arrest was caught on video

The deputies involved have since been suspended with pay, pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

Woman arrested in puppy dumping caught on video; 38 dogs found at her home

Authorities say if not for a good Samaritan who found them, the puppies may not have survived, due to the temperature being in the mid-90s.

  North Charleston police officers searching for burglar caught on camera

North Charleston investigators are asking the public’s help to identify a convenience store burglar who was caught on camera.

Dust devil tears through park, caught on camera

It wasn't a tornado, it was a dust devil - and it was caught on camera. No one was hurt at Alan Whitt Park, but the video shows the potential danger.

Daycare worker accused of kicking toddler who wouldn’t nap in incident caught on camera

The New York daycare worker faces assault charges after police say she tossed the boy to the ground then hit him.

  Woman caught on camera dismantling dentist’s risqué lawn display

A New Jersey dentist is known for his elaborate lawn displays on holidays, but some think his latest garden scene took things too far.

  Caught on camera: Clerk grabs shotgun, foils robbery attempt

Surveillance video shows a masked man, armed with a shotgun, running into the Omega Mart and demanding money from a clerk.

Man in DoorDash shirt caught on camera burglarizing veterans’ home

The alleged thief ransacked the family’s home, stealing jewelry and a phone. He then ripped out one of the kitchen cameras and walked away.

2 women fight in the middle of MA highway

Stunned drivers recorded the two women brawling in the southbound lanes.

  Officer’s life-saving Narcan intervention during opioid overdose caught on video

It all happened in a matter of moments for New Mexico State Police Officer Elizardo Romero, and it was caught on video.

  Caught on camera: Armed jeweler confronts masked robbery suspects in shootout

Surveillance video shows the moment two robbers entered the shop with guns ready. But they were not expecting one of the employees to also be armed.

Massive alligator takes a break by the 17th hole of a Savannah golf course

An alligator is not an uncommon animal to see in Southeast Georgia, but that fact doesn’t make the sight of this lumbering giant across the green any less captivating.

Rescue of dog struggling in icy waters caught on camera

The dog had fallen through the ice on the channel between the Wolf River and Shawano Lake, and it was in the freezing water for about 10 to 15 minutes before rescuers arrived.

Caught on camera: Woman attacks Burger King employee because of tomatoes on sandwich

Police say the suspect hurled a cookie rack, a wet floor sign and food at the clerk. She is also accused of trying to climb on the counter repeatedly, but her fiancé held her back.

  Video captures low-speed chase involving Walmart motorized shopping cart

A slow pursuit outside a Summerville Walmart Wednesday certainly wasn't your typical police chase.

  Caught on Camera: Lightning strikes car during powerful SC thunderstorm

A lightning strike from a big storm that moved through the Charleston area on Saturday afternoon was caught on camera.