Take a Stand

  TAKE A STAND: A Big Lowcountry Thank You!

I admit I usually have no trouble findin words or things to talk about. But today, the only word that comes to mind is Wow.

  TAKE A STAND: United for Lowcountry Food Bank

In the past few weeks, the Lowcountry Food Bank has spent more than a half-million dollars on food and transportation, an almost 400% increase in the number of people asking for help.

  TAKE A STAND: Happy Easter

There's no doubt Easter Sunday will be unlike any we've had before.

  TAKE A STAND: Let’s talk about cherry pie

When I was a kid, if I was anxious, worried or fearful, my uncle would always say, “Let’s talk about cherry pie.”

  Take a Stand: Stay-at-home the right thing to do

Not sure about you, but time seems to be passing slower than usual. The last two weeks feel more like a month.

  Take a Stand: The coronavirus

We all understand the threat from coronavirus and COVID-19 is real. It’s not normal times and truly uncharted territory. We’ve never seen anything like it.

  TAKE A STAND: Gray Television

You’ve probably noticed a new logo at the end of our newscasts.

  TAKE A STAND: National Champions

The Clemson Tigers have made history. The first undefeated 15-and-0 college football team to win the national championship in more than 100 years.

  TAKE A STAND: President George H.W. Bush

Anytime a former U.S. president passes away, despite our political beliefs, it’s sad, solemn and somber.

  TAKE A STAND: 2018 General Election

The general election 2018 is history and what a day it was.

  TAKE A STAND: Law Enforcement Ambush

A second officer has died from injuries sustained in the mass shooting in Florence County earlier this month.

  TAKE A STAND: Hurricane Season 2018

It has been a long summer for Hurricanes. The devastation caused by Hurricane Michael in Florida, Georgia and Alabama is widespread, tragic and in many cases desperate.

  TAKE A STAND: Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence was a weird storm. We all braced for the worst and nervously watched when it appeared Florence might strengthen to a Category 5 before landfall.

  TAKE A STAND: Hurricane Florence

An extremely quiet July and August in the tropics was nice. Maybe to the point we felt like we might get through the season without a storm.

  TAKE A STAND: Best and Worst Economies

There's good news and not so good economic news for South Carolina.

  TAKE A STAND: The I-26 Pig

The drama of what's become known as the I-26 pig shutdown has captured a lot of attention.


Just like the city of Charleston being named best city in America again and again, the good news continues to roll in for the Medical University of South Carolina.

  TAKE A STAND: SC Electricity Rates

The seemingly never-ending saga of the failed V.C. Summer nuclear power plant and who pays for it is like the Energizer bunny. It just keeps going.

  TAKE A STAND: Mega Millions Mania

There's a lot of excitement leading up to Tuesday night's Mega Millions drawing.


On a normal day, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources job is to regulate hunting, fishing and boating. One day last week was not a normal day.

  TAKE A STAND: Impaired Drivers

The numbers are staggering: Every day in our country, 29 people die in vehicle crashes that involve a driver under the influence of alcohol.

  TAKE A STAND: Cave Rescue

We all breathed a collective sigh of relief when news came that all 12 boys and their soccer coach have been rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand.

  TAKE A STAND: Independence Day

What would our founding fathers say about how we're doing in 2018? Some say they wouldn't be happy, but I'm not so sure.

  TAKE A STAND: U.S.-North Korea

Details are few and there are still a lot of questions, but there's no doubt the summit in Singapore with President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was historic.

  TAKE A STAND: SC Primary Election

South Carolina politics is like baseball: It ain't over till it's over.

  TAKE A STAND: State Senator DUI

South Carolina State Senators are elected to create laws. One Senator recently found himself on the wrong side of the law.

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