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  Classroom Champions: Stephanie Haecherl wants VersaTiles for students at Whitesides Elementary

Stephanie Haecherl says her students would benefit from VersaTiles. It is a self-checking, puzzle-like skill-building tool designed to improve reading and writing skills, and will also enhance their self-management and decision making abilities.

  Classroom Champions: Teacher wants books for history students at Charleston Math and Science

  Classroom Champions: Kathryn McLendon wants basic supplies for James Island students

  Classroom Champions: Teacher wants headphones for students at Andrews Elementary

  Classroom Champions: Kathryn Sanyal wants garden gear for Springfield students

  Classroom Champions: Tiffany McCullough wants items for biology class at Carvers Bay High

  Classroom Champions: ELA teacher wants books for students at West Ashley Advanced Studies Magnet

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  Classroom Champions: Four projects were funded in December totaling more than $1K

Classroom Champions: Just $350 still needed to outfit dance students at Summerville High

  Classroom Champions: Kogan wants costumes for dance students at Summerville High

  Classroom Champions: Teacher wants scientific calculators for Harleyville-Ridgeville students

  Classroom Champions: Elementary teacher wants cool novels for Forest Hills students

  Classroom Champions: Mrs. K. wants preserved frogs for science students at Kingstree Middle Magnet

  Classroom Champions: Thanks for $2971 in donations to nine Lowcountry classrooms

From early learners to high school students, your generosity has touched the lives of students of all ages and all subjects. As Classroom Champions, you've donated $2971 to nine classrooms from Georgetown to Ridgeville already this school year.

  Classroom Champions: Brown wants sand and paint supplies for autistic students

Gwendolyn Brown teaches third through fifth grade students at North Charleston Elementary School. All of her students are autistic.Some have limited verbal communication. Some are non-verbal. But all are eager to learn, and Brown says that's why sensory exploration is crucial.

  Classroom Champions: A Georgetown County teacher wants reading games for her third graders

Melissa Chastain teaches third grade at Plantersville Elementary. Her students are eager learners. She says like many children their age, they learn more effectively when given the opportunity to use their hands.

  Classroom Champions: Bradley wants materials that will help students in Kingstree to learn about the internet, technology

We use cell phones, laptops and tablets daily. The materials Merrilyn Bradley is requesting will allow her students at Kingstree Middle Magnet to grasp the concept of how circuits make all of these devices work.

  Classroom Champions: Teacher wants writing journals for kindergartners at Clay Hill

  Classroom Champions: Chastain wants reading games for Plantersville students

  Classroom Champions: Kingstree teacher wants interactive math notebooks for students

  Classroom Champions: Beech Hill teacher wants light-changing table for special needs students

  Classroom Champions: Just $153 is needed to help West Ashley High School students learn about flooding

  Classroom Champions: Windsor Hill teacher wants K’Motion seats for students

  Classroom Champions: Bringing Earth Science to Life at West Ashley High

From downtown to beach towns, flooded streets and yards are a common sight. And a teacher at West Ashley High wants to seize this opportunity to use a real world issue to teach her students a lesson that extends beyond the walls of the classroom.

  Classroom Champions: Charleston Math and Science teacher wants kits for her ninth graders

Micki Boulineau of Charleston Charter School for Math and Science needs something called Breakout Edu Kits for her ninth graders.The kits will encourage students to collaborate in solving problems. They will provide students with hands-on materials to make learning and exploring fun.

  Classroom Champions: Dancers at Oakbrook Middle School need balance boards

Some bouncing ballerinas at Oakbrook Middle School in North Charleston get to dance part of the school day away in dance class. Their teacher says they need balance boards to improve their technical skills.

  Classroom Champions: Oakbrook piano students need headphones during practice time in class

In piano class, students work at their own pace, so it is necessary for them to have headphones so they can focus on their own work. Oakbrook Middle school piano teacher Kimberly Fludd says that's why she is requesting these items on the Donors Choose website.

  Classroom Champions: Zucker Middle School girls coach wants better basketballs

Coach Travis Gladden of the Zucker Middle School girls basketball team says the balls they currently have are worn out with no bounce. He's asking for help to get top quality balls for the girls, who had a great season. He says sports helps students on and off the court.

  Classroom Champions: Windsor Hill teacher wants historical novel to engage students

Ms. Andrysczyk is an ELA teacher at Windsor Hill Arts Infused Elementary School. She wants copies of the novel, Letters from Rifka, for her students. She says that and a big colorful rug are helpful in engaging students.

  Classroom Champions: CE Murray teacher wants Lego Robot System for STEM students

A teacher in the Williamsburg County School District is enthusiastic that a special Lego set would increase her high school students' exposure to STEM careers. But there's no money in the budget for this Lego robot system, so she's turning to the Donors choose website.

  Classroom Champions: Andrews High Track Team needs gear for traveling

Students on the track and field team of Andrews High School need bags to properly transport their gear when they compete.

  Classroom Champions: Robotics team at Woodland High needs work benches

The business/technology teacher at Woodland High in rural Dorchester in DD4 is requesting workbenches to keep his students better organized.

  Classroom Champions: Volleyball teacher at North Charleston wants to help students get healthy

Volleyball coach Lindsay Sauls wants basic workout gear and clothing to help her students get some exercise for a healthier lifestyle. All students can take advantage of her program, but she especially wants girls to take part and develop healthy habits.

  Classroom Champions: Thanks for helping two Lowcountry teachers get special materials for their classrooms

Live 5 viewers quickly responded to a call to action to help local teachers fund special materials to enhance learning for their students.

  Classroom Champions: Cane Bay High School students need tools to build robots in Mr. Sklar’s class

Mr. Sklar of Cane Bay High is using the Donors Choose website to obtain tools needed to help students build robots for competition.

  Classroom Champions: Goodwin Elementary teacher wants STEM games and activities to help young students

Teachers often spend their own money for extra materials, books and technology to enhance learning for their students. But there is an easy way you can help them get wish list items for their students.