N. Charleston nursing home improves after two years on national list of concerning facilities

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently published a list of nursing homes with serious quality issues, which included five facilities in South Carolina.

  Judge: Training records must be disclosed in Gethers case

  No rules for SC summer camps: What parents need to ask

  Live 5 Scambusters: Scam targets Dominion Energy customers, threatens to shut off power

  Live 5 Investigates: Women claim nurse gave them ‘unnecessary’ pap smear at Berkeley Co. jail

  37 S.C. inmates wait on death row as state works to find drugs required for execution

  Live 5 Scambusters: Summerville woman nearly fell for Facebook imposter account pushing fake government grant

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You Paid For It: Self-checkout kiosks at libraries

  Cost and locations for sunscreen dispensers

  Live 5 Scambusters: Subscription renewal call threatens to take your money

  You Paid For It: Firefighter breathing kits

You Paid For It: Upcoming fireworks shows

  CCSD staff member recovering from concussion after being attacked by student

Live 5 Scambusters: Privacy Awareness Week

Protecting your money and identity should always be a top priority and responsibility.

  Live 5 Investigates: Sexual assaults inside lowcountry schools

A Live 5 Investigation uncovered more than a hundred sexual assaults and rapes have happened inside lowcountry schools over the last three years.

  Internal memo reveals staffing shortages, slower response times for Charleston Co. EMS

Charleston County EMS experienced a staffing shortage and slower average response times this past weekend, according to an internal memo obtained by Live 5 News.

  Live 5 Investigates: More than half of domestic violence offenders get lesser charges

A Live 5 Investigation analyzing state court data shows more than half of domestic violence offenders were sentenced to a lesser charge than they originally faced.

  Live 5 Scambusters: Goose Creek man warns about scam targeting grandparents

  BCSD releases six months worth of documents at center of finance report investigation

Watching Your Wallet: Spring housing market secrets revealed

  Live 5 Scambusters: Be aware of work-at-home scams

  You Paid For It: Local mosquito control

  DNA Detectives: Scientists combining forensics with genealogy break ‘unsolvable’ cases

  Police documents released on investigation of former CCSD employee accused of molesting students

State police files show the Charleston County School district was questioning how a Supervisor handled the Marvin Gethers case well before a Live 5 News investigation exposed what happened.

  Live 5 Scambusters: Data shows imposter scams are still most common

Scam artists may be finding new ways to trick you, but victims still fall for one scam more than any other.

  You Paid For It: Firefighter wellness

Firefighters have one of the highest rates of injuries and illness of all occupations, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

  Alleged Marvin Gethers victim asking CCSD to settle case as offered

The attorney of one of the first-known victims alleged in the Marvin Gethers case is asking the courts to make CCSD settle the case as promised, according to a new court filing in Charleston County today.

  Live 5 Investigates: The biggest deadbeat parents in the Lowcountry

A Live 5 News investigation has uncovered the biggest deadbeat parents in the Lowcountry.

  Live 5 Investigates: Who is more likely to get a speeding ticket in the Lowcountry?

In part two of our speeding ticket series, Live5News investigated who gets ticketed more often for speeding: men or women.

  Failed and Forgotten

The deaths of hundreds of children because of abuse or neglect goes unnoticed every year by agencies that protect kids. Congress and a 45-year-old law are largely to blame.

  A trifecta of failures puts kids at risk

When children die because of abuse or neglect, child protection agencies are often blamed – they are underfunded and overworked. But there are many other culprits who failed children.

  Digital rollbacks: Millions of cars have false mileage on odometers

Carfax experts say there are potentially more than one million cars on the roads with false odometer readings - meaning their mileage has been rolled back to make the vehicles look like they have less wear and tear.

  You Paid For It: $290k ‘crime-fighting’ commode

A trendy new toilet turned up at a park off Riverland Drive on James Island. And the people who developed that restroom claim it fights crime, too.

  Live 5 Scambusters: Mt. Pleasant woman had unauthorized monthly checking account charge

A Mount Pleasant woman says a charge she didn't authorize has been hitting her checking account for months and she never noticed.

  You Paid For It: CCSD teacher recruitement event

As the state of South Carolina faces an extreme teacher shortage, the Charleston County School district is taking action to fill classrooms, with a recent recruiting event.

  Live 5 Investigates: More than $300K paid for CCSD special project

The first workshop took place on Folly Beach at The Tides Hotel. That cost just under $24,000.

  Live 5 Scambusters: Rental scams are still popping up in the Lowcountry

If you're on the hunt for a new home to rent you need to be careful. Rental scams are still out there.

  You Paid For It: How DOT prioritizes road projects

This year, the South Carolina Department of Transportation plans to spend of $417 million repaving roads.

  You Paid for It: Overdue Charleston County property taxes

Charleston County is waiting on more than $52 million in delinquent property taxes to be paid.

7th victim comes forward with sexual abuse allegations against former CCSD employee

The father told police that his son also changed schools in 2013-14 when he began having trouble and keeping more to himself.

Watching Your Wallet: Experts give advice on reining in your tax refund

Rather than taking a tax refund check and splurging on a quick shopping spree, NerdWallet advises people make smart spending – or saving - plans.

  Live 5 Scambusters: SCE&G warning customers of scam promising $1K refund that isn’t coming

Customers who call a number get an automated message

  You Paid For It: Charleston County budgets money to fight opioid crisis

Spending reports for Charleston County show multiple lines listed as payments for opioid treatment.

  You Paid for It: Cost of school bus transportation

This week Live 5’s series of investigations about school buses uncovered nearly ten thousand complaints in the Tri-County just this school year.

  Live 5 Scambusters: Mount Pleasant police warn of threatening scam letter

The Mount Pleasant Police Department is warning the community about a scam letter going around, threatening to expose your secrets unless you pay up.

  You Paid for It: Bridge Run by the Numbers

The nation’s third largest 10k is just four days away. Emergency workers, volunteers and Cooper River Bridge Run staff are in the final sprint.

  Undercounting hate: FBI will not report its hate crime numbers again this year as required by law

The Uniform Crime Reporting Act of 1988 requires federal law enforcement agencies to submit information about their cases to a federal database maintained by the FBI; however, those agencies are currently not submitting data, including information about hate crimes.

  Live 5 Scambusters: Avoiding those annoying robocalls

Robocalls have reached an epidemic level and, despite new laws and legal victories, you are still the best defense against these annoying calls.

  You Paid for It: What federal dollars for Special Olympics fund in South Carolina

After heated federal budget hearings, President Trump says the federal government will fund Special Olympics.

  Charleston County holds asylum seekers in jail as border arrivals surge

Hundreds of ICE detainees are being held at the Al Cannon Detention Center, and many of them are asylum seekers who have committed no crimes.

  You Paid For It! New library set to open in June

In just a few months, Charleston County will boast a brand new library for the first time in more than twenty years.

  South Carolina DMV selling personal information for millions of dollars

Every day, hundreds of South Carolina residents get in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles and give personal information to the people who work there.

  Lawsuit: Woman sues Colleton Co. School District after teacher told students about untrue story on daughter’s abortion

The Colleton County School District is being sued by one of its former teachers. The suit also names a current employee of the school district.

  You Paid For It: Tri-County housed, adopted out more than 20,000 animals

Last year, animal shelters in the Tri-County housed and adopted out more than 20,000 animals.Getting those animals off the streets and vaccinated is important for public health.

  Live 5 Scambusters: IRS issues new phone scam warning

The tax deadline is only a few weeks away, but the IRS has a new scam warning.

  You Paid For It: Charleston Battery repairs following Hurricane Irma

The Battery and White Point Gardens in Charleston were slammed during Hurricane Irma in September 2017.

  Watching Your Wallet: Thousands of consumer complaints hidden in federal watchdog database

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau provides information about financial institutions, including complaints. But NerdWallet and InvestigateTV have found examples of complaints that don't show up in the database.

  You Paid For It: Consumer Affairs services

Consumer watchdogs make up a very small part of our state budget, but a department accountability report shows those services are paying off for consumers in the end.

  Live 5 Investigates: When you are most likely to get pulled over in the Lowcountry?

Have you ever wondered if law enforcement officials have ticket quotas?

  Live 5 Scambusters: Orangeburg Sheriff warns about threatening tax letter now circulating

The Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office has issued a warning about fake letters circulating that threaten wage garnishment and property seizure if back taxes aren't paid.

  Live 5 Scambusters: Protecting against identity theft

The first week in March is National Consumer Protection Week and South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs is offer ways to keep your identity safe.

  Live 5 Scambusters: Social Security scam calls on the rise

Robocalls aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon and scam artists are still coming after your money and your identity.

  Live 5 investigates: Mold hiding behind classroom walls

The Berkeley County School District and the Charleston County School District had thousands of work orders relating to mold over the last several years

  Measuring Hate: Lowcountry crimes and errors uncovered

The Lowcountry is known for hospitality and friendliness, frequently named a top destination for people from all over the world to visit. Yet even here, there are violent crimes every year rooted in hatred.

  South Carolina is one of five states with no hate crime laws

The evil that visited the Holy City on June 17, 2015 was unprecedented. A gunman entered Emanuel AME bible study and gunned down nine members as they prayed with him.

  Live 5 Scambusters: ‘Facebook friend’ lures Summerville couple into government grant scam

Summerville couple learned just how far scam artists will go to lure in victims

  Watching Your Wallet: Experts explain the new tax code in simple terms

With sweeping tax code changes affecting this year's filings, experts from NerdWallet help explain how the changes will work for different people.

  Live 5 Scambusters: Scammed for love and money

While millions of people celebrate love on Valentine’s Day, millions of others find themselves alone, longing for companionship. Scam artists continue to prey on lonely victims through online relationships destined to end in heartbreak.

Charleston County School District releases cost of report on Gethers case

The Charleston County School District released the full cost Thursday of an independent report about a former district employee accused of sexually assaulting students and who was promoted despite accusations of having child porn on his district-issued laptop.

  Untested water: 99.9 percent of foreign fish goes without testing for unsafe drugs

According to government reports, there is evidence that the main oversight agency for seafood, the Food and Drug Administration, has failed to meet new mandates to increase inspections at foreign food facilities.

  Gethers emails released detailing “IOU” to CCSD supervisor

Copies of emails obtained from a Freedom of Information Act request detail, in Marvin Gethers’ own words, the debt he owed to his Charleston County Schools supervisor.

  CCSD responds to lawsuit from alleged Gethers victim, seeks dismissal or jury trial

The Charleston County School District filed its response Friday to a lawsuit from the family of a child who claims a former district employee sexually abused him.

  Calculating hate: Federally mandated count leaves out untold number of crimes in America

Serious hate crimes from murders to attempted bombings do not show up in federal hate crime data, according to analysis by InvestigateTV.

Punishing hate: Paper tiger laws serve up little to no penalties for attackers

Prosecutors say some state hate crime laws are so weak they "aren't worth the paper they're printed on."

  Live 5 Investigates: Where you are most likely to win the lottery

Live 5 News requested information from the South Carolina Education Lottery that included all businesses that have sold winning lottery tickets, since the lottery was implemented, along with the amounts won at each location.

  Multiple sex offenders found on Facebook despite ban

Under Facebook's policies, convicted sex offenders are not allowed on the site; however, InvestigateTV identified multiple offenders who appeared to have recently active profiles.

  SC’s most powerful politicians spend Leadership PAC money on ‘lives of luxury’, watchdog group wants reform

Two of South Carolina's most powerful politicians have spent thousands of dollars at golf resorts, ritzy hotels, and expensive restaurants, according to Federal Election Commission reports.

  You Paid For It: Flooding and drainage project on James Island

Flooding is a problem in many parts of the Lowcountry and there are several projects going on right now to alleviate those issues.

  Internal CCSD report details Gethers case, loan by district superior

A confidential report on a Charleston County School District employee accused of accessing child pornography on a district laptop reveals that employee owed money to a key decision maker at the district.

  Additional victims allege sex abuse by former CCSD employee

A total of six alleged victims have now come forward claiming they suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a former Charleston County School District employee, according to a Charleston attorney representing four of the six.

  Live 5 Scambusters: Promise of extra cash turns into potential check fraud

If you spent more than you planned over the holidays and are looking for extra income, you need to be on high alert for scammers disguised with opportunities for quick and easy money.